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In light of reaching 600+ followers, I’ve decided to do something I’ve talked about for a very, very long time. 

                                          The Hunger Games
                                     but without all of the killing.

Here are the rules:

*To participate, you must be following me. I will check, so don’t try to sneak a fast one in on me. 

*You can reblog this only 1 time. LIKES DO NOT COUNT.


How it works:

I will split each person into 13 teams, and will then use the Random Number Generator to see who ranks 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 


1st Place: Each person will get a promotional graphic that will be posted 3 times, along with a team promotional graphic. You can trade this promotional graphic for a drabble (2000-3000 words) for the pairing of your choice. 

2nd Place: Each person will get a promotional graphic which runs 1 time, along with a team promotional graphic. Your promotional graphic may be traded for a drabble (see 1st place for drabble lengths).

3rd Place: A team promotional graphic along with link promotions for each member. A promotion can be traded for a drabble (1000-2000 words) for a pairing of your choice. 

All other teams will get a team promotional photo.

This event will be tracked on the tag: captainamericastevethg

May the odds be ever in your favor.



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Captain Witchblade


This woman….she was something else. Gave him a nasty bruise upside his head, a better gash along his arm, and a hell of a memory. 

And now they wanted him to go talk to that nutcase? 

Of course it was right when he’d gotten home and settled down. Why would SHIELD make anything remotely convenient for him? He scolded himself internally for the thought as he dressed, simple khaki’s and white shirt with his converse, and leather jacket. 

When he arrived, his hair a bit wind torn from his motorcycle, his attitude as disgruntled as his hair, storming into the room with her file and a quirked brow. 

“So, Ms. V’Aidan. Care to tell me what’s so important that I am woken up at…” He checked his watch, “Three in the morning. Because here’s the thing…I have the day off. I planned on taking off to Paris, but no…here I am. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to make this quick.”

He’d been the one to take her down, why did she want to speak with him now?

It took Rodgers exactly forty-five minutes to saunter into the room. She knew. She was counting. There wasn’t much else to do besides that, unless she wanted to drift into her thoughts, which was something she… really did not like to do on the best of days. No, instead she counted though time was definitely distorted by the empty quietness of the nearly black room. She felt Fury nearby… though if he were in the room or just outside it she wasn’t sure. 

Sid was not exactly sure what she was doing there, though she had a strong guess. SHIELD wanted her. Keep your enemies closer, as it went, though she wasn’t exactly an enemy… but not exactly friendly either. Neutral party, if she stretched it. Maybe. One thing Fury had to know was that she didn’t play well with others nor did she take orders very well. She didn’t break the law on purpose-bend it yes-but not broken it. Unless one counted being payed to slit throats, which they probably did. Hey, a girl had to eat and getting payed to do what you did best was what every American dreamed of. 

She lifted her head when she felt the hero, before he actually made himself known. Her brows lifted slightly. She had not expected that the man behind the mask was so… handsome. Well. Wellwellwell. He had that classic look, the kind America prided itself on. No wonder her hand hurt after punching him; he had a great jaw. Her gaze lingered on his broad shoulders for a moment before returning to his face. She vaguely wondered what was written in that folder they had on her, knowing it had to have at least five year’s worth about her if not more. 

"I just wanted to see the one who beat me in a fight." She replied, simple as can be though when it came to Sidney nothing was ever that simple. "I don’t like to lose; I’m not very good at it you see."

She rolled her neck, cracking it. She was tired and hungry and Mischief must have been going out of his mind. “I know you’re lurking, Fury. If my dog is still alive, I’ll join your little group of.. uh… whatever the hell you actually are.” 

A door opened somewhere, there was the click of nails on the floor, then her big black Labrador came bounding up to her, tail wagging as he lept onto her lap and nearly crushed her under all his ninety pounds of silky fur and muscle. The dog whined, nosing her throat and attempting to lick her, as if in apology for not protecting her. Fury appeared soon after, shooshing the dog off her lap as he bent to release her from her bindings. Sidney stood, shaking her legs out and rubbing her wrists. The scarlet jewel on the Witchblade cuff blinked at Steve. Or it could have been a trick of the minimal light. She dropped to one knee to pet her dog though she looked up at the Director.

"Now that you’re a part of us there’s no going back to your old job. I’d don’t give a damn how good you are in a fight, you’ll start at the bottom like everyone else-"

Sid opened her mouth to argue that she could slap the shit out of nearly all his guys but her talked right over her. 

"-And Rodgers here is going to be your mentor and teach you how we do things in SHIELD. Him, I trust. You, I don’t. He will stay with you at all times. Night and day, eating or sleeping or fucking. Until you prove you’re worthy to be a SHIELD Agent. So that means you’re going to Paris. If that’s okay with you." He turned that single eye on Rodgers though it was obvious that he wasn’t asking.

Sid opened her mouth again, closed it. Oh. She wasn’t expecting that. 

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Sid’s Factory Home - Bit of History and Outside

Originally built in the early 40’s and being closed down in the 60’s, the factory was already pretty beat up when Sid purchased it. While she has renovated it enough to live in, the place is still rundown but she finds it charming in its own way. The original was far larger and only what stands is what remains but the three story building is big enough for her and her dog. Occasionally she’s get trespassers, usually teenagers, but she scares them off. She enjoys plants and flowers and all the rubble and nooks and crannies make it an ideal place to throw random planters around. 

P.S. I’ve utilize my obsession with Sims 2 to construct what, in my head, I believe is the closet to Sid’s home as I can get. Not everything is perfect-objects clipping into each other for one -but I’ve tried my damnedest. The factory is also set back several yards from the main road than what is actually shown as well as surround by other more or less empty and abandoned buildings. 

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I constantly worry that I might be a Mary-Sue. Despite how hard I try not to be.

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Captain Witchblade

She knew she was being watched. 

She knew it without opening her own eyes. 

Long lashes fluttered before finally lifting. It took her a moment to remember where she was and how the hell she had gotten there. She blinked several times, clearing the forced sleep from clear blue eyes. The room she was in was either very big or the lights above made it seem that way. Regardless, she sat on a simple metal chair, legs abound to it, her arms locked together behind it rather uncomfortably. A single spotlight shone down from above her, turning the top of her gold hair almost white. 

Sidney must have been sitting there for a while; the metal of the chair where her body touched was warm. Not fully awake yet, she tugged at one of her legs experimentally; whatever held her lower limbs in place dug into her skin through her jeans. She could tell the cuffs around her wrists were not… regular. No, the boys who had come after her knew very well that the ordinary would not hold her. She called on the power of the Witchblade but it had barely started to twitch when an electrical shock from the special cuffs shot through her body. 

It was so strong it caused her body to arch forward as far it was able. She actually let out a scream. When it subsided, Sid slumped in the chair, panting. Her breasts heaved under her tanktop. Oho, SHIELD had gotten smart; she vaguely wondered if the shackles had been made especially for her. 

“As you can see, we finally found a way around that goddamn piece of jewelry.” The voice that came from the shadows of the room was one that made Sidney grimace. She had only heard it once before, years ago, when he informed her that she would be watched until the day she died. 

She huffed, blowing a lock of hair out of her eyes. “Nick Fury. I was wondering when you’d decide to end the cat-and-mouse game.” She watched as the tall Black man stepped forward out of the shadows of the room, all six feet plus of him wrapped in leather. She met that single eye of his unflinchingly. 

He stood rigid, arms behind his back. “Sidney V’Aidan. I know damn well the guys sent to get you wouldn’t stand a chance. So why are you here?”

She was quiet for a moment. “They were going to kill my dog.”

The corner of his brow twitched. “So a dog distracted you long enough for Captain America to knock you out.” It was a statement and there was a hint of something in his voice. Disappointment? Nah, she must have been imagining it. 

She shrugged as best she could. There she was, tucked away in her little abandoned-factory-turned-home when hell broke loose. Mischief went ape shit and attacked before she could process what was going on. When one of the masked men took aim at her dog, she called him off desperately. She might have had enough time to attack the SHIELD agents but she did not want to take the chance. There was a strong blow to the back of her head and… here she was. Everything had happened so fast. 

When Fury followed up with a bunch of other questions, Sid remained stubbornly silent. She could tell he was growing impatient and that satisfied a childish need in her. “Tell you what. You bring in the stars and stripes and maybe I’ll talk.” 

Fury’s nostrils flared as he stared her down for a moment. There had been only two of his best who could match that goddamn Witchblade in a fight. One was the Hulk and that was a mess he had not wanted to bring out; two weapons of mass destruction clashing was just… bad mojo. Rogers was the other one and he had been informed and prepped to hell and back. This was recruitment. They needed to bring this bitch over to their side permanently and if she would talk to Capt so be it. He spoke into his earpiece before sliding back into the shadows.